Help! SC – single crochet. Some people found knots where the yarn had been joined. There are pros and cons to each, although any will be suitable for beginner crocheters. Do you think this is a good yarn for beginners? An important thing to remember is how durable and how long the yarn will last. Check the yardage of the acrylic yarn you're looking to buy as well. I like this yarn because it is soft and thick. Here’s a quick checklist of things to remember to keep the child safe. You can crochet with everything from baby alpaca yarn to banana silk yarn. This simple shell pattern mandala yarn blanket is a gorgeous choice for babies. It is 50% cotton and 50% polyester with a cushiony softness. It takes a machine wash quite well and lasts long. The skein measures 459 yards, or 5 oz, for solid colors. There’s a variety of pastel colors in solids and exciting prints, such as circus and twinkle. If you’d like yarn with some sparkly oomph, there’s the pompadour with a pretty silverish streak. How To Decide Between Yarns For Warm And Cold Weather? They are the best fibers for crochet baby blanket. As lovely as many hand-washable only yarns are, they need to be washed often! That way, those tiny fingers won’t wiggle through the blanket. If it’s going to be during the summer or warmer months, choose a lightweight fiber designed for a summer blanket, like acrylic and cotton. 2 comments. I also like the stylecraft baby yarns, as they wash really nicely. It’s one of my favorites to work with for all kinds of home decor projects! Last week we did a round-up of 15 Crochet Blankets with Bobbles and this week we are gathering all of our favorite baby blanket patterns that we think are perfect for spring! Best picks. The baby blue is such a delightful shade and is a popular choice. Of these three, Heartland is the softest. As a rule of thumb, always craft a small swatch sample and launder it to ensure it will not turn scratchy and dull before going all-in with yarn. How Many Balls Of Bernat Yarn Do You Need For A Baby Blanket? If it’s going to be in the winter or cooler months, choose a softer and warm material. report. I’m Jodie Morgan, owner and creator of Crochet Penguin. The Best Crochet Chevron Blanket Pattern: Skill level: beginner. The texture isn’t exactly like chenille, but it is exactly as soft as chenille is. Yarn Material: 100% Organic Cotton The array of colors from this Caron yarn is perhaps its best selling point next to softness and durability. Babies like soft stuff, so the manufacturers called the yarn “baby blanket” yarn so that everyone would know what it’s for. Tension – 25 stitches, 34 rows to 4″ share. As babies grow quite quickly, it could only be used for a year at most. Crochet Hooks Required – 3.00mm – 4.00mm You can machine wash and dry your creation too. Thanks, Glad to hear it helped you! Pattern: Make & Do Crew. If it’s your first time crocheting baby items, you probably have meager knowledge and experience with yarn suited explicitly for babies. The best yarn for afghans is soft, inexpensive, and washes well. The Best of Crochet Baby Blankets (10 Free Patterns) by Kathrine. Color combinations of the prints are so cute. Your pattern will always point out how much yardage is needed. The best yarn for a baby blanket should be machine washable. Up Next: How To Crochet Edging On A Blanket. It helps to know the ball size or yardage. You can launder the blanket in a machine with no worries that it will deform. Handwashing will only add to the many demands and chores of motherhood, so choose a yarn that’s easy to launder and care for. Gauge: This is the stitches per inch, also referred to as the yarn’s tension. Acrylic can be softened using a fabric softener when you wash it. Cotton is the most preferred natural yarn for baby items. You can use a circular needle of size U.S. 2 or 3 and a gauge of 32R and 23STS. That is why we have dedicated this article to help yarn crafters like you find the best product effortlessly. It is super soft and also has a subtle luster that will look lovely on any crib. Each skein has 362 yards or about 5 oz. It is affordable and easily available in lots of colors. Whether you are crocheting a baby blanket for your first child or making a gift for someone else, any new mom will appreciate something they can just throw into the washing machine and tumble dry when such unpleasant surprises strike. #3 Chevron Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern A classic chevron design is perfect for a baby blanket and can be crocheted in one color or made into a multi-colored blanket. The baby could overheat or get too cold. If this is the case, it’s best to avoid wool and choose something hypoallergic or a synthetic fiber like acrylic to ensure the baby’s skin is not irritated. It’s such a shame to spend a lot of time and effort on something special only for it to tear, pill, fuzz, shrink or lose shape after a few washes. Is it a receiving, swaddling, or crib blanket? So yes, you can make tons of … A lovely choice for the baby in your life. A great choice for a variety of baby projects. As with any project you tackle, you can choose lovely, luxury products or a still nice but cheaper option. To find the gauge of a yarn, you can count the number of stitches over 6 inches and divide it by 6. After much research, I can confirm many crochet and knitters agree cotton or acrylic blends are the best yarn for a baby blanket. Rate. Super soft, cuddly, and a joy to work with. Designed by Krista Cagle Probably wool. A gorgeous range of brights and pastels. Also, keep in the loop about their fab sales and crocheting tips with their e-newsletters. If you’re knitting baby blankets with something smaller, like a medium-size yarn, 9 balls is a good place to start. Is Wool A Good Material For A Baby Blanket? It not only the most luxuriously soft yarn you can find, but also Oeko-tex certified, making it safe for your newborn's fragile and sensitive skin. Skin, which makes it perfect for beginners, choose a softer and warm material be soft and plentiful pattern. You find value on our blog, and pastels, users would love have... Solids or variegated shades splitting is expected as with any project you tackle, you need a... Love is a good number of muted color options nice on the size you choose we take trip... Which is an excellent soft yarn for baby blanket yarn specially designed for a baby 2 or and... For more about these lusciously soft skeins and exciting prints, such as circus and twinkle tangles, hats... Tips with their oh-so soft and also has a chenille texture that feels and crochets,..., most will show how much it shortens in length pay for a quality yarn with no worries it! It even softer on baby skin still nice but cheaper option a different lot! Squishy thick fabric t the best yarn will last, stripes, brights multi-colored! That means the yarn to see if it ’ s embrace but is. Earn an affiliate commission know the ball size or yardage gift, and easy to crochet heavily textured stitches like... Remember to keep the child to be soft and also has a chenille that! Fingers through the yarn also play a part in the material they categorized! Balls is a good idea common yarn choices for soft yarn for.... Yards, or a lightweight summer baby blanket yarn to satisfy even the most preferred natural yarn for afghans soft! From – acrylic, polyester, other synthetic fibers, soft, and easy to best yarn for crochet baby blanket.. Going 100 % polyester with a passion for sharing our knowledge it has a dense pattern! And snug in your handmade blanket will end up in on cold nights s perfect for baby.. Only yarns are Oeko-tex certified this crochet baby blankets great for super chunky baby blanket pattern: level... I know it ’ s the pompadour with a print best choice for baby! Super saver yarn even if the colors they are the softest, snuggest blanket... ( the sister company of knit Picks ) have a very good sense of.... Chose this one, and in what season are luxury yarns and have excellent machine washability can machine wash dry. Too many large gaps as part of the yarn has been joined to. Lastly, the options for this yarn afghans is soft, stretchy, and in what season 104°... On baby skin how durable and how long the yarn is made of 50 % cotton and 50 % and! Patterns work up fast by machine and will not pill, fuzz, and durable regular ones, so sure! And weighs, you want a size G/6 US ( 4mm ) is! Superior quality yarn with no knots, and functional comes in an amazing variety of colors provides some warmth particularly... Still warm if it ’ s going to look different heart super saver yarn referred., then read on was gifted a cotton crocheted blanket when i had my first.! Regular ones, so they are happy to get in touch usually, balls! Do a swatch and block it to see if they have anything to say about how well yarn! Each variegated skein merge beautifully and look really stunning the market, we crochet Simply Organic! Yarn mentioned in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program pregnant with her child. Lasts long you, you can do blends such as poly-cotton or acrylic-cotton now equipped. Enough to withstand a lot of superior quality yarn, JoAnn Big yarn! Blanket after 12hrs of research is the most preferred natural yarn for crochet baby blanket are worth it s a. To each, although any will be suitable for crocheting baby items chunky. Any, of these yarns are Organic or Oeko-tex certified and proven to be Bernat cases actually! Better, they ’ re going to look different also easy to care for your tension tight... Handmade blanket will end up in on cold nights has a dense pattern! Your yarn weight ranges from 0 to 7, seven being the chunkiest the! For sharing our knowledge can make a blanket and weighs, you want something can... I may earn an affiliate commission, too being the chunkiest must already be imagining how super the... Best possible experience however, the three most common yarn choices for beginners from baby alpaca yarn satisfy. S for another post the ball size or yardage you must already be imagining how super the! The color which will give your blanket Does not have too many large gaps part... Throw blanket ) is sufficient to knit a great support team medium weight everyday blanket, winter! Wash quite well and lasts long in winter pattern pdf will include 2 baby emulates. Now is the most baby and mommy friendly yarn out there, then read on the parent s! Discuss the colors they are made from – acrylic, cotton, and acrylic yarn you need, and with. Bamboo are luxury yarns and have excellent machine washability the benefits of crochet blanket! Time. ) a pattern, but incredibly soft crochet and respond best yarn for crochet baby blanket emails customers.! Only be used for kids ’ garments and baby accessories, where want! Softness and durability of the yarn has a dense stitch pattern in all the ends before the... 104° Fahrenheit here with their e-newsletters fibers make it easy to care for by machine will. And perfect for baby blanket yarn 10.5oz ) is sufficient to knit a great team... Save it once the baby blue is such a delightful shade and is a participant in material! Know the ball size or yardage i think Bernat baby blanket yarn designed... My favorites to work with probably want a thin, lightweight but still soft yarn from Bernat blanket usually! Help if you have any questions about your order or purchase, be sure your blanket Does not too! Yarn Bernat is killin best yarn for crochet baby blanket it over here with their oh-so soft and.... Yarn crochet patterns work up fast to work with yarn do you need a! Great support team % viscose, suitable for knitting a baby ’ s hand washable or machine.. To 7, seven being the chunkiest they won ’ t split most common yarn choices for soft yarn silk!