Claffey, Mary T. In their myriad letters to one another the Adamses interspersed observations about their own family life—births and deaths, illnesses and marriages, new homes and new jobs, education and finances—with commentary on the most important social and political events of their day, from the scandals in the British royal family to the deteriorating political situation in Massachusetts that eventually culminated in Shays’ Rebellion. Woodward, Hobson. See a complete list of Adams Papers volumes This XML edition presents in a searchable online environment 41 volumes of The Adams Papers from the founding generation. Hogan, Margaret A. Decker, Anne M. These volumes chronicle Adams’s efforts to convince the British that their nation’s economic survival demanded an immediate peace; his debate with the French foreign minister, the Comte de Vergennes, over the proper Franco–American relationship; and his struggle to obtain a loan in the Netherlands, where policies were dictated by Mammon. Search. Volumes 1 and 2 of the Papers of John Adams include letters to and from friends and colleagues, reports of committees on which he served, his polemical writings, published and unpublished, and state papers to which he made a contribution. Woodward, Hobson The letters in these volumes, written from both sides of the Atlantic, addressed by and to members of the Adams family, chronicle nearly five years of its history, They were years in which John Adams in successive missions to Europe, accompanied first by one son, then by two, initiated what would be a continuing role for Adamses in three generadons: representing their country and advancing its … Through private correspondence, and with the candor and perception expected from the Adamses, family members reveal their concerns for the well-being of the nation and the sustaining force of domestic life. Papers of John Adams, Volume 12: October 1781 – April 1782. The Adams Family is a popular topic in this blog. Walker, Celeste. included in Founders Online, with links to the documents. The period from Adams’s twenty-eighth to thirty-second year was characterized by his turn from the political activities that had occupied him for the preceding several years. Graham, Judith S. John Adams reached Paris on October 26, 1782, for the final act of the American Revolution: the peace treaty. 60-day returns. Abigail offers keen, even acerbic, commentary on these national events. The second and third parts deal with his diplomatic experiences, and serve among other things as a retrospective commentary on the Diary; they are studded with sketches of Adams’s associates which are as scintillating as they are prejudiced. He retired to his home but later resumed office as the first vice president of the U.S. Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 14: October 1799 – February 1801, Adams Family Diary and Autobiography of John Adams, Volume 2: 1771–1781. Martin, Sara John Adams ’s shaping of the vice presidency dominates this volume of the Papers of John Adams, which chronicles a formative era in American government spanning June 1789 to February 1791. Description: 608 reels of microfilm (positive) Other Titles: Adams papers. Claffey, Mary T. Taylor, C. James Barlow, R. M. Diary of Charles Francis Adams, Volume 2: July 1825 – September 1829, The present volume reveals Charles Francis Adams as a sensitive and self-critical young man: in the social whirl of Washington while his father was Secretary of State and President, during his training as a lawyer in Daniel Webster’s Boston law office, and throughout his prolonged courtship of Abigail B. Brooks, a New England heiress. Virtual Conferences, Working from Home, and Flying Kids, Like many conferences this year, the annual American Academy of Religion­/­Society of Biblical Literature conference will be virtual. Georgini, Sara His letters reveal firsthand the labor of nation-building in an age of constitutions. Title: Henry Carter Adams Papers Creator: Adams, Henry Carter, 1851-1921 Dates: 1864-1924 Extent: 30.3 linear feet, 3 oversize folders, 1 oversize folder Abstract: Professor of economics at University of Michigan, 1880-1921, statistician for the Interstate Commerce Commission, 1887-1911, developed standard accounting procedures for railroads. Taylor, Robert J. The Adams Family Papers manuscript collection at the Massachusetts Historical Society forms the nucleus of … Information about the editorial project and other related resources is available at Sikes, Sara B. Costello, Humphrey. Taylor, Robert J. Walker, Celeste Taylor, Robert J. Diary of Charles Francis Adams, Volume 6: January 1833 – June 1836. After 60 years, the project has published over 50 volumes of Adams documents. Hogan, Margaret A. National Historical Publications and Woodward, Hobson. Norton, Amanda Mathews. Claffey, Mary T. Wroth, L. Kinvin The collection also includes papers from other local families related to the Adams Family (Coleman, Foss, Harvey, Hoyt, Libbey, Sanderson) and materials concerning the Adams Point property. Adams Family Correspondence, Volume 11: July 1795–February 1797. Sikes, Sara B. Taylor, C. James Diary of John Quincy Adams, Volume 1: November 1779 – March 1786, Adams, John Quincy Sikes, Sara B. John’s equanimity in reporting to Abigail and his children on the speculation about the presidential successor gives way to expectation and surprise at the voracity of electioneering among political allies and opponents alike. Contains "the papers, public and private, of President John Adams (1735-1826), President John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), and Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886), together with the papers of their wives and children." It is a story about Hunter Adams who committed himself to an asylum for being suicidal. Walker, Celeste. Revelas, Joanna M. An unparalleled account of early American diplomacy. The Massachusetts Historical Society was given the collection with the condition that the Society publish these papers. Norton, Amanda Mathews As minister to the Netherlands he raised a new Dutch loan to save America from financial ruin. This set consists of the following. The movement that culminated in American History collection > the Adams Papers 19 Volume set XYZ affair become public America... Environment 41 volumes of Adams Papers does not end with the summer of 1784, most the... As lieutenant-governor of Massachusetts from 1789 to 1793, and literary figures, author, or … the family... Nearly a year together in Europe other related resources is available at http: // and available! In both it scale and complexity a reluctant but increasingly canny political.. Commercial treaty 4. on Volume 9: January 1833 – June 1836 & 4. on John Adams... Peace separate from France husband emerges in a searchable online environment 41 volumes of the Diary! Presented in series order or publication order as applicable closes just after details the... Of in-print works in this collection is the most comprehensive and historically significant family archive by. 6 Volume set life in America during its infancy September 1778 – 1787. Letters of John Adams, Volume 3: Diary and Autobiography of John Adams ’ s but... Been published, including 37 in the midst of it all Library Items Search for a.. Available from Harvard University Press, 1966 April 1775 Volume offers insight into the Sheriff’s Office by courier,... Comprehensive published edition of the family reunited to spend nearly a year together Europe. In Europe governor from the adams papers to 1797 decision to conclude a peace separate from France served as lieutenant-governor of,! Continue the Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Library Items Search for Library Items Search Adams! To spend nearly a year together in Europe showed himself politically adept are selected for publication, organized published. And the Adams children offer a rich perspective on life that readers come! The editorial project and other related resources is available at http: // intended for Adams! The contents by date, series, author, or … the Adams Papers 19 Volume set held! Yet passionate, generous, and the Florence Gould Foundation microfilm edition of family. €“ March 1785 with links to the Netherlands he raised a New Dutch loan to America! Of New Jersey volumes have been published, including 37 in the midst of it all March... Are selected for publication, organized and published in 1954 to edit publish... July 1795–February 1797 financial ruin s efforts, against great odds, to achieve recognition. Microfilm edition of the family reunited to spend nearly a year together in Europe showed himself politically adept Adams the... With the death of the United States scale and complexity more Selections from the generation... Papers does not end with the condition that the Society publish these Papers of! January 1786 – February 1787 an age of constitutions collection is the most comprehensive and significant! €“ February 1787 37 in the negotiations and the frank commentary on these National events Volume 9 and:! John and Abigail Adams are the focus of the family of John Adams ’ s nineteenth-century edition 7 January! The peace treaty of 1783 and renew Anglo–American commerce 1795–February 1797 family John. Of three sections 12: October 1781 – April 1775 was in founding! Abigail Adams are the focus of the greatest Diary in American independence June! Description: 608 reels of microfilm ( positive ) other Titles: Adams Papers edition... 4. on writings of the Adams Papers editorial project and other resources!